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Stressing over Half Term?

Updated: Feb 9

It only seems like yesterday that I was dreading the childcare juggle during the holidays.

Endless searching for suitable providers that would entertain & engage my children, as opposed to ‘holding’ them in a hall for up to 10 hours. The anxiety felt on the packed train home at a standstill due to points, concern about signal failures / leaves on the tracks / hot tracks / cold tracks / people on tracks and then stressing knowing that for every

ten minutes, I’m late - It costs almost as much as the mortgage. I know it too well.

In this day and age, trying to find a provider with extended hours without remortgaging the house was little as rare as a real life Unicorn. In my humble opinion - children should enjoy their childhood and parenting is so much easier when you have a reliable support framework.

I get it - I have been there. This is why I started ForKidsCo. Quite simply to ease the pressure on parents and for children to have a place they look forward to. Not to be stuck in front of a screen or holed up inside.

Our aim is to offer you stress-free support. Whether that looks like breakfast or smoothie making (YUM!) we have got you covered. Half terms look like taking children on trips to farms, museums, and parks and providing them with a day that parents would if they could. Each day we have planned activities, a light tea so your child is ready for collection by 6.30pm. You can expect your child to be full of stories of fun times had, new friends met and sleep well that night!

Booking is easy, and flexibility is our speciality - so if you need a little support (or a lot) why not give yourself a break this half term and leave the stress to us?

Any questions, we’re all ears.


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